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June 20, 2014

a girl called Sarah....

I love Instagram, I really do!
Visual images and inspiration from SO many creative people, I'm glad I've joined in on the fun.
There is beauty in our everyday and I love how Instagram makes me see things in a new way, a new light....
Instagram is where I met the lovely Sarah - we both joined in on a few 'Interior Addicts'
7-day Vignette challenges and her images, simple, clean and beautiful, really stood out to me.
Sarah is a Professional Organiser - she loves decluttering and believes an organised home  means a peaceful life.  Sarah is based in Adelaide and also has a passion for interiors and styling especially food styling.  Her beautiful instagram photos reflect that!

Welcome Sarah!
Can you tell us what is Inspiring you right now?
Instagram is inspiring me at the moment, it's such an inspiring and positive community, I love connecting with like minded creatives! Everyone is so supportive.
Having just had Megan Morton's 'The School' come to Adelaide, the community she has created through 'The School' is just so inspiring!

What three things could you not live with right now?
My Coffee
My iPhone!
and Fete and Kinfolk Magazines they are both inspiring my food styling.

Can you define to us, your personal style?
Organised of course! I like simple, unfussy interiors with a definite nod to Scandinavian design. Marimekko is a bit of a feature in my home!

Do you have a favourite colour? I love the simplicity and calmness of neutral colours.
I'm loving blacks, greys, browns and creams but will always love a pop of yellow.

What about fragrance or a favourite smell? I'm currently loving my 'coconut/lime' Glasshouse candle at the moment. (Anastasia: snap! Im also burning this candle in my home...)

What do you love about your city? Adelaide is such a pretty city with a great cafe/food culture. We have so many new fabulous homeware stores so that makes me happy!
Do you have a favourite quote? 'Do great in the small things' - Mother Teresa.
and lastly
Do you have an Organising tip to share with us? ....Have in your home only things that you need, use and love. The rest is just clutter.
Oh and I always tell my clients ... 'a place for everything and everything in its place'

Thanks so much Sarah!
Make sure you check out Sarah's website and to follow more of what Sarah does please connect with her on Facebook * Instagram * Pinterest and Blog 

* all images via Sarah

June 13, 2014

Colourful Home

I can’t remember which magazine I found this home decor feature  (... Oops shows I have a serious magazine problem going on...), but I did notice it was originally featured on the ‘Style me Pretty’ blog so I had to take a closer look online.
What a gorgeous home!
Located in sunny California and owned by Interior decorator and blogger Amber.
I actually thought it was an Australian home at first glance -  it has that indoor outdoor casual relaxed feel about it with lots of light and space.
I guess the climate on the West Coast is so similar to ours and the open plan layout is very popular.
I get really excited when I spot decor that is totally my style - I love everything about this home – the use of colour, pattern against the all white walls - its eclectic mix of home furniture, and personal style with unique home decorations.
A strong use of happy colours all around.

whats happening on the home front for us?
Well we are still keen to build. Buying another house is out of the question now and so we've stopped looking at Real Estate and instead are gathering ideas about a build.

The first tender came back way over budget so we sat and thought about what we could change, what we could live without...some things we wont budge on like high ceilings and floorboards throughout the house (yes even in the kitchen although they've tried hard to talk me out of that one...)
 ...anyway these things take time and decisions need to be made,  its actually been a learning curve for me and I can be a little impatient...all in good time so in the meantime I've created a 'Future Home' Pinterest inspiration board

*all images by Bryce Covey

May 13, 2014

Inspiration now: Interior Garden

growing up we always had indoor plants in our family home. Mother took great pride in her plants always taking good care of them, making sure they had light, water and love - it helped that she had a green thumb (even more so today).
A far off distant memory was being scolded after I drenched one of the plants with orange juice thinking some 'healthy' juice full of vitamins (to be fair I was young and back then we ALL thought OJ was a  health food...) would help it along - the poor plant dried up probably shrivelling in pain...ha!

I love the look of Green leafy plants in the home, not only do they look beautiful they can help fight colds, allergies ...add one to your workspace and you'll notice your mood change - all smiles ahead!
7 Uncommon Indoor plants
10 air purifying house plants 
10 plants to attract Love Joy and Prosperity


May 8, 2014

Etsy picks of the week: Eclectic style

  1. 1.
    deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

a little jumbled, unconventional (for some) but it never feels forced and always looks cozy and welcoming..
Eclectic Decor style seems so effortless and always interesting to look at!  Here are my Etsy picks of the week to suit any Eclectic home....Enjoy!

Top image via Kasparas Regnbue blog *
Cross Town rug by PingRugCo * Polka Dot handprinted pillow by EarthCadets * Mini Square Planter by Ebenotti * Forest Fern print by CoffeinBed * Vintage Platter by TheFoxandTheSpoon  * Porcelain Cheese board by mbartstudios

May 5, 2014

Decorate: Beach scene

I love a good home makeover.
...and I absolutely love what interior designer Emily Henderson styled up over at Bri's house 
I'm always stalking her blog with anticipation of new interior makeovers! I'm just a little obsessed with her style...
What I love most about the dining room is the gorgeous Beach scene 'Tulum', photographed by
Max Wanger.
Its so refreshing, soothing and serene...and adds a beautiful soft but clean modern feel to the room!
I've noticed beach scene photography gaining popularity in interiors - there are some gorgeous images on offer
* Gray Malin - a La Plage he jumps into helicopters to capture his images from high above
* Judith Gigglioti - White Album her images remind me of long hot European Summers
Mina Teslaru - she also has an Etsy shop, Minagraphy
Massimo Vitali  - Italian beach scenes
and one of my favourites Christian Chaize - his study of Praia Piquinia coastline photographed at different times of the day.

Top and Bottom via Emily Henderson
and Middle
by Christian Chaize

April 11, 2014

Home Notes on Etsy

We all know the way to turn a house into a home is in the details.
I found some lovely Home Decor items on Etsy tonight - what do you think?
This simple 'face pillow'  adds some quirky fun to a classic room.
My hubby thought it looks a little creepy and that its eyes would follow you around the room.
huh? ...whatever man...

*face throw pillow  by My Little BelleVille
*quartz crystal speciman by NostalgicWarehouse
*In Flight print by Skinny laMinx
*Dark Gray Turkish Bath Towel by BathStyle
*Wood Planter by Cattails Woodwork
* Mitten Print by My Little BelleVille

for any home decor style, you know you'll find something amazing over at Etsy!

April 4, 2014

LA Stories: Stahl House

I cant believe its been a year since we visited the West Coast of America...the days, weeks and months seem to intertwine and before you know its almost time for another trip (yes please!).

As a family we like to plan and discuss where to next - its nice to dream right?!

I was going through my Holiday snapshots - all saved in computer files...downloaded and neglected - its a real issue for me as I don't think I've printed photos since 2004!! So bad!

I have to take time out and tackle my photo organisation problem and get some beautiful photo books printed...

so a year ago, we were in LA.

I had organised to do a house tour of Stahl house. Andrew took the boys to 'The Grove' as I knew they wouldn't really be keen on a House tour...

so I caught up with my friends Tammy and Michael, who are both LA locals but had never seen it, so off we went up into the Hollywood hills - there were strict instructions of where to park as the street is private and gated and who wants to annoy the neighbours?

When we arrived it looked like any normal carport but when the Tour Guide opened the back door into the property we all went 'WOW!' I mean mouth wide open 'WOW!'...just stunning!

The Stahl's bought the land for a mere $13,500 in 1954 and the house was designed by

Pierre Koenig in 1959. A simple glass and steel house that takes advantage of the stunning views over LA.

Perched high up in the hills with a vast drop down, here the Stahl's raised their family is still privately owned by the family and these days its used for photo-shoots and commercials as well as the scheduled House Tours which pay for its maintenance.

The one thing Tammy and I agreed on when we left the tour was that we both had an urge to go home and de-clutter...being in such a minimal space creates a feeling of freedom...which is what every home should feel like!

So if you ever visit LA and want to do something fun and a little different, go visit Stahl House.

March 15, 2014

a touch of gold (just a touch..)

Have you noticed how Gold is suddenly everywhere?

I love how trends be start out slowly...featured by those taste-makers and trend setters we love to follow - we saw sprinkles of gold/brass on blogs and in magazines late last year but it suddenly seems to have taken on really fast...
its a very luxe and sophisticated look.

...Im not a huge fan of metallics but when featured in small doses or on accent pieces it actually looks very beautiful!

Is it too late to jump on board?
What do you think -
Timeless or too Trendy?

from top - Lauren Conrad *Recently the blog * Stephanie Sterjovski  * Boligliv *
Emily Henderson for designLoveFest * BHG

February 19, 2014

First Impressions...

How beautiful are the entry ways below - it doesn't really matter what kind of home or what decor style, its always a first impression and a warm welcome inside...
I wish I had a larger entry way in our house, we have a tiny one with three doors off it
and all I can decorate it with is wall photos but I do love my entry way light fitting, its an original that came with the house many moons ago (1930s).

On Sunday we drove a good
40 minutes from home to visit HomeWorld , we've been thinking about renovating our investment home, an old fixer upper that we've had rented out for the past 12 years.
We spoke to a couple of builders and both advised that a knock-down rebuild might cost just the same or a little bit more with the upgrades we might want...this is something we hadn't really thought about before as we both love character filled homes but we're going in with an open mind but still weary of budget and price...head over heart...
Either way I'm excited with
the possibility of finally deciding on something as we've been looking for a new home for so long now and that never worked out for us. maybe its finally time!

Images:Top- Sarah Richardson 'Sarah's House - season 4' 
Middle - 'A Life's Design' - love the Lantern light!! 
Bottom - Country charm via Style at Home magazine

January 21, 2014

Arranging my Coffee Table

I really enjoyed this article in the latest 'Country Living' magazine - an easy 'step by step' instruction
how to arrange a beautiful coffee table.

Our coffee table needs to be replaced actually (as does our couch!) - we've had the same table for so long and it takes a daily beating from the sunshine since our back room gets a lot of exposure from the light.
Its scratched and dented (lets blame little boys...) and has an impressive split in the middle but its still quite solid and hanging in there!

Anyway back to the article - I played styist today and gave the instructions a go!
4 steps.
1. Start with a Tray - I opted for a serving platter in white.
2. Zero in on the remaining corners - books, magazines and game boxes did the trick for me - I love to be surrounded by books!
3. Just add personality - sure! why not?!
4. Finish off with something organic - I added a bright pink flower cut from a neighbours tree...I  like the punch of colour too!
Give it a go - that was easy and fun and an easy way to make a quick change!

November 27, 2013


I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous feature in last month's 'Inside Out' magazine - photographed by Fabrizio Cicconi,
...this lovely Italian family exudes what I think is the perfect LifeStyle - family close by, food cooked and prepared with love and shared with laughter
and a beutiful home set amongst the beauty of nature all around.

Their home is nestled on the edge of a forest with stunning views of the Alps...they wanted to be connected to the changing seasons...their home is only a short drive from a bustling city but its their hidden oasis amongst the trees!
A perfect LifeStyle choice!

* beautiful styling by Francesca Davoli - the colours in this feature are earthy, organic and the styling simple and practical yet so appealing!

November 8, 2013

Pretty Rooms & an Auction!

I've been browsing through beautiful room images over on Pinterest..its nice to dream but
hopefully by the end of the weekend I can get serious with my interior mood-boards and inspirations...
tomorrow we're attending a house auction with plans to bid!
It all feels very odd as I don't feel attached to the house (yet)  - maybe I'm trying not to feel emotional about the whole 'buying at auction' process -  bid with your head and not your heart.

Sydney property prices have gone a little crazy lately especially in our neighbourhood which recorded a
24% increase the past year - I just don't get it!
I'm a little scared too as I love our current home - so many happy memories, but I think we've outgrown it and I'm keen to move now that my boys are still young.
I'm also keen to get my hands dirty and put my stamp on another house. The home is solid, character filled and has so much potential - I can already envision what we can do with it!
wish Us Luck!!!

Images:  BHG, Country Living 

November 5, 2013

visiting Koskela

Mel and I visited Koskela's Sydney showroom after the Horses Birthday Fete , a couple of months ago.
The industrial space flows on from Megan Morton's studio and 'The School' as well as
 'Kitchen by Mike' restaurant which opens up into the courtyard.
Its very impressive!
I couldn't wait to visit again and so when I heard they were hosting a Beci Orpin exhibit, my sister and I went along last week.
What I love about Koskela is the unique and innovative designs and fun, funky colours in some of their pieces. Such a gorgeous selection of furniture, artwork and accents...
My sister and I fell in love with a beautiful dining table, pillow cushions...we ohhed over the rugs and spent ages looking at the huge selection of cookbooks, art books and coffee table books.  I want to go back and buy some enamelware for my kitchen!
We ended up having brunch at Kitchen by Mike - huge slices of sourdough with fresh ricotta and honeycomb and fantastic coffee!
So good!

September 2, 2013

an Updated wall (on the cheap)

you can always rely on Ikea for little tweeks in home decor.
I always head on over there planning to buy one thing and end up with more things that I can carry to the register - lucky I usually have my boys with me...

Is it just me or is that you too?

I spotted these lovely 'Bird' theme postcards by Melbourne artist Kareem Rizk
- such a cheap buy at $2 for 5 cards and the frames were $3 each - such a steal!!

I thought they would look nice grouped together near the window and light...
we have a very odd set of windows - we recently got rid of the blinds so the wall feels a little bare but I love all the extra sunlight!

August 16, 2013

Styling a mantel

Ive been pouring over images of fireplaces and mantels getting inspired and trying to decide what kind of look I want to go for when styling my own mantel.
I bought this beautiful print from Cozamia - I wanted to add some girly colour into the room.  I decided to flip the print horizontally because my wooden mantel is quite long in length.
I had a bit of brain fog the other day during a quick visit to Ikea – I needed to buy a frame for the new print but felt a little stumped with the measurements...when I got back home, I was way off - the frame I bought was huge!  I tried to blame the measuring tape and not my brain but I tried it out  and think it will work as long as I can get a mat board to fit...I'll get there eventually!

So back to the mantel...I think I want the art print to be the focus and I do love the minimal look of the mantels in the images below - I might add a couple of other layers - a small potted plant or decorative pieces, maybe another photo but and once its ready I promise to take some pics to share with you all!

*images Top & bottom via   Middle collage via Southern Living and Emily Henderson