March 31, 2015

This and That - March edition

Can you believe Doris Day turns 91 this week?
Love Doris!  

How are things your way?!
its been one of those weeks for me - flat out busy at work, we are also getting a new fence in our garden and it hasn't stopped raining gah! ...and Im feeling a little exposed out there but hey its great when the boys soccer ball goes into the neighbours garden,  they can just walk over and get it!
We had parent/teacher interviews and our first with a High School(er) so that was um... felt like speed dating! haha...

so its Easter this week and Greek Easter the week after ...double celebrations!
hello food! hello chocolate!
love this collection of
 Classic Easter recipes via Gourmet Traveller

What Ive been reading lately...
I just finished 'Wild: a Journey from Lost to found' a memoir by Cheryl Strayed which was made into a movie recently.  Now that I've read it I'm ready and looking forward to seeing the movie.  It was an awesome book, honest and uplifting and a fascinating read.  I wish Cheryl well!!
I'm now starting 'Gone Girl' and only because I need to read the book before I see the movie...its been highly recommended so looking forward to getting into it!

7vignettes - April starts tomorrow over on Instagram!  I'm going to try and join in, you can follow me on Instagram here

Transitional Clothes - we all need inspiration this time of the year, Autumn for us down under and Spring for the northern hemisphere!

Did you see this super colourful 'Non Traditional' Rock n Roll wedding?  its caused a bit of a stir much that the (creative) Aussie couple made a video to all their haters  clever comeback!

I really enjoyed this post - Give it away, give it away, give it away now 

March 26, 2015

A Girl called Carmen....

This week I'm really excited to feature Carmen on the blog, another Creative Girl you should get to know.
I had seen Carmen around at a few local Etsy events and we had a chance to chat at the recent Sydney Etsy Team 'Show and Tell' gathering in Newtown - she's so warm and friendly and a very talented Illustrator and designer!
Carmen's illustrations are so delicately beautiful and she illustrates with such fine detail.  I love all   her animal prints - their faces and expressions show SO much character!  I also love the airy feel to Carmen's illustrations.
Welcome Carmen!
Can you tell us what is is currently inspiring you? 
The change of season,
botanicals, and the delicate lines in nature.

What creative plans do you have planned this year?
 I have so many plans, just need the time to do them all!
This year, I’m very much focused on expanding my range. I want to create a series of greeting cards, invitations and kids apparels.
On top of that, I want to dabble in the world of fine arts and do more experiments with different mediums, composition and scale.

Can you define to us your personal style? 
My personal style is very different to my work.
My work is very delicate and muted while in real life I’m very colourful and love mixing patterns and texture. I love the juxtaposition of the two styles, it adds interest to my everyday life.

Do you have a favourite colour? 
I love yellow! just writing about it now makes me happy. I use it a lot during the planning and concept stage, it’s a colour which helps me to focus and to think clearly.

What about a favourite Smell or Fragrance? 
 My favourite fragrance is Om by Miller et Bertaux. It is a spicy and woody sense which is a mix of grown up elegance and a warm embrace.

Imagine your most perfect day – what would it look like? 
My most perfect day would have to be art related. It would start with a visit to a local gallery, then maybe a visit to Art on King to buy more art supplies and then a walk home with a big cup of hot chocolate and ideas for a new drawing project.

What do you love about your City?
The creative energy. It seems like everyone I meet these day are either chasing their dreams, starting a new project or doing something fantastical. I think our city is more vibrant and alive than ever before and we are so lucky to live in such a creative city like Sydney.

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
I used to collect quotes but not anymore. I try to clear my head of clutter where possible. Sometimes you can be so focus on people’s ideas that you forget your own.

Thanks so much Carmen for this little Q&A session!  Its been great to get to know a little bit more about you.
To connect with Carmen and to see more of her work and what she's been doing lately head on over to her Etsy Shop 'Drawn by Carmen 
her Website instagram feed (we all love Instagram!) and Carmen's  Facebook page

March 22, 2015

Dream Escape: Portugal

Have you been following Chelsea's adventures?
I've always been a fan of Chelsea's blog 'Frolic!' from way back when I first started blogging myself...
Lately she's been travelling and updating her blog and instagram  @frolicblog  from new destinations.
Chelsea is currently in Portugal, a country I would love to visit one day...I feel like this beautiful country is often neglected with many tourists flocking to Spain, her neighbour, which I have been to and totally loved.
I imagine Portugal to be just as warm and friendly, with amazing food and cakes,  quiet villages and bustling cities with historical buildings and churches showing layers of years and life ...
It sure looks amazing!
Where do you dream to visit one day?

All images via Chelsea's Instagram feed
Chelsea's blog post on  '6months a nomad'  and how she travels on a shoestring budget
and a Creative Girl interview I did with Chelsea a few years ago

March 18, 2015

...the ball rolling again...

so things are finally happening on the home front...we stalled a little trying to decide what to do - do we build a new house or keep looking, then Christmas came, and went ...and New Years too.
In the meantime, the Real Estate/Housing market is going gangbusters...
I mean its such a big decision (and an expensive one), and building is something we've never done before so making the right decision does take time.
..a few weeks ago we had a 3 hour meeting with the building company and both the hubs and I came out of it feeling comfortable, which is a relief.
Still, there is a lot to think about but I think we are finally onto the next stage which means signing up to get a new home built!
Do contemporary homes really lack character?
I hear that  often on home shows and renovation shows, I think about it myself ...a lot.
Our current home is 90 years old and has lots of lovely yes, lots of 'character' but it also lacks a lot of things and requires a lot more maintenance than a new home ever would ...can we even compare? Should we?
They are totally different!

Starting a Inspiration board over on Pinterest called
'Future Home', has helped me zone-in on an interior style.
Really helped!!
I also have my folder of magazine clippings that I've been collecting (Hey! I'm old school!)
but its not just about beautiful interiors,  more important for me are the practical ideas, using the space, having enough storage, creating the atmosphere...and coming together as a family,
in a family home...
Am i thinking about everything too much? ha-ha probably....

 *images via 'Future Home' 
top via Design Love Fest  and bottom (L-R) Tessa Neustadt and  Domaine Home 

March 14, 2015

Life in colour!

So yesterday I coloured my hair a deep was meant to be a purple shade actually, but anyway it turned out very vibrant.
Last time I went a little crazy with hair colour was about 20 years ago when I thought I might look good as a red head.
Well that didn't work out well haha and so its been many shades of brown ever since...
Playing with hair colour is something I don't do often, and so I'm finding it all very amusing (and a little uncomfortable)
but back to the vibrant pink hair ( you can see me here) it was for a very special occasion,
'The Worlds Greatest shave'  , which is an annual fund raiser for Leukemia -  the event is so popular now that they changed the rules to allow hair colour and cut as well.
When it comes to colours in general, I'm a safe bet - I stay on track.
a few honey highlights are my Summery hair change...when it comes to clothes, I  stick with Black, White and neutrals like Gray...I consider 'Navy' to be my favourite colour.
That sounds kind of drab
doesn't it?
When ever I do wear something colourful I get a whole heap of compliments which of course, feels wonderful.
Like a warm hug.
You would think this would prompt me to wear colour more often. ha!…I must admit I'm not really drawn to colourful clothes when out shopping.
I do love colour so much - I always wonder why is it that I don't experiment with colour, print and pattern as much?
I'm not one to make sure I stand out (especially with the wrong choice... how safe I am?)
but I admire others that do make that bold statement.
How can you not admire that? Colour is wonderful!
I think the only way to wear or embrace colour is...just do it!
Dont hold back.

* all images via
My styleboard on Pinterest

March 10, 2015

Problogger comes to Sydney

Today I headed into town to attend the Sydney ProBlogger session, my first ever!
It worked out well actually as I had to do an extra day at work last week and so managed to have today off without having to chip into my precious Annual Leave ( this girl needs a real holiday soon!)
I didn't really know what to expect but I have seen the #pbevent hashtags around my favourite social media sites and I know bloggers always have loads of fun at blogging events.
...always a good chance to network although I need to work on that....
I booked in for the Olympus photography workshop in the morning and that was a real eye opener as my own camera is an Olympus. I learnt SO much!
I can see less time editing photos in the future - my camera has SO many cool features I didn't know anything about!
I also got to meet Emily (gorgeous Instagram feed) whom I've known online for a while now and another familiar blogger/crafter, Angie of GnomeAngel.
Its always a highlight to meet bloggers after chatting and connecting online!
Darren  from ProBlogger talked about some of the issues facing bloggers, how to stand out in the crowd (millions of blogs out there!! eeep!!), how we can try to fill a gap in the blogging world, and see what you can offer that is different.
Lots to think about!
we also had 3 lovely bloggers chat about their blog journey.
JJ from 84thand3rd - a food blogger , food stylist and photographer and also
a recipe developer. JJ also hosts #EatFoodPhotos over on Intagram each month - totally up my alley!
Next was Suz from Paleo network and she was working as an Accountant in the corporate world but is now a full time blogger doing what she loves the most!
We also heard from Sharon Farrell, a makeup artist who is a beauty blogger on YouTube and her tip was when it comes to YouTube videos its ALL about the light...very important! YouTube bloggers are brave (in my eyes!!) haha I cant ever see me on YouTube!

The day went by real fast and I ended my day buying a new lipstick and enjoying an almond milk cappucino before heading back home to pick up Neo from school.

*image from my Instagram and #7Vignettes challenge - March15

March 4, 2015

Fresh + fast cookbook

I love a jumble book sale …you can usually find them set up in the middle of shopping centres, mini pop-up book shop and always when you are casually walking by with no intention of buying books.
But they always draw me in as I just never know what l’ll find!
I recently bought this ‘Fresh +Fast' cookbook, part of a series from
Marie Claire magazine and food editor, Michele Cranston - a $10 bargain!!! (hey that’s the price of 2 and half coffees ha-ha…)
Its actually a really lovely book – and at such a cheap price!
over 100 recipes and when you combine an intelligent fashion magazine like Marie Claire and beautiful healthy food styled in a gorgeous way, its pretty inspiring to eat well!

Its not just about food styling though...
for me its more about living and eating nutritious, real food
that seems to improve everything – my mood, my skin, my body!
You are what you eat after all....

We’ve been chatting in the office about motivating and edging each other on to
eat better and move more, sometimes we need that
'cheerleader team' behind us to get us going and keep going.

I think I’ll be opening this book often!